Advice for Bloggers – Rule #4: Take it seriously.

This week, we’re welcoming back blogger Marilyn Tycer. Marilyn is a graphic designer and blogger, and we’ve asked her to share some of her tips for bloggers. (Click for Rule #1, Rule #2 and Rule #3).

Advice for Bloggers: Rule #4

Take it seriously (but don’t let it take over your life).

Blogging is a commitment. Even casual bloggers need to devote some quality time and quality thought to their blog if they want to build a following.

  • Decide how much time you have to commit to your blog. I recommend blogging once a week at the very least. Two to three times per week is better though, and daily is ideal. When considering how much time you have for blogging should includes time spent taking pictures, or finding clip art, or creating graphics; responding to comments on your blog; reading similar blogs and commenting; etc.
  • Keep a little notebook handy for blog post ideas, or bookmark them on your computer. You never know when inspiration will come! Having the notebook will also help with those moments that you’re stuck at the computer, with a blank blog post form staring you in the face.

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