Advice for Bloggers – Rule #3: Be Original

This week, we’re welcoming back blogger Marilyn Tycer. Marilyn is a graphic designer and blogger, and we’ve asked her to share some of her tips for bloggers. (Click for Rule #1 and Rule #2).

Advice for Bloggers: Rule #3

Be original.

While we live in an era where everything seems to be up for grabs on the internet, take care to protect your reputation by using your own original material, or by attributing when appropriate. No, blog posts aren’t like formal papers that you turned in to a professor, but your name is listed as the author of your posts. Be honest as to where you got your ideas.

  1. Be original. Put out your own thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Blogging is about individuality, so put a personal touch on it. Contribute something new to the blogging community—don’t just post for the sake of posting. It’s okay to post about someone else’s post once in awhile, but try to add something to the commentary when you do.
  1. Avoid plagiarism. Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it’s up for grabs. Attribute ideas, quotes and photos appropriately.


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