Blogger Tip #1: Make it readable

This week, we’re welcoming blogger Marilyn Tycer. Marilyn is a graphic designer and blogger, and we’ve asked her to share some of her tips for bloggers.


Tip #1: Make it readable.

Now that you have a subject for your blog, and some ideas for posts, what comes next? Start typing! But it’s important to take care to craft your blog posts into something readable. So before you hit the “Publish” button, take a moment to revise your writing. While the subject of your blog might be popular, your blog probably won’t get a lot of followers if your writing is hard to read or bland.

  • Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. While blogs are less formal than traditional written media, it is still important to make your posts readable and elegant. n0 1 th!nKs itz kewl 2 rite liiKe Th!s. (Translation: No one thinks it’s cool to write like this.)
  • A blog post shouldn’t be too long, nor should it be too short for the information you are discussing. Consider breaking up longer blog posts into a series of shorter posts!
  • Use pictures when appropriate. Also, when possible, I prefer blogs that have real pictures taken by the blogger, or customized graphics, rather than stock photos. It just adds a more personal touch.


Gail Tycer offers business writing workshops and presentations; executive coaching, consulting, writing, and editing services. Call Gail at 503/292-9681, or email to learn more.

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Marilyn Tycer