Getting Started Quickly, Easily (Part 2): Why use a blueprint for business writing?

Over the next few weeks, I will continue to talk about how to get started quickly and easily with your business writing. This week in Part 2, my focus is on the utility of a business writing blueprint.

Why use a blueprint? A blueprint enables you to…

  • Get focused (the cure for “writer’s block”)
  • Avoid “bouncebacks”(those annoying comments from the boss!)
  • Develop and agree on a strategy before a word is written (saving you how much time?)
  • Get started easily (because you know what you’re going to say)
  • Project results (Writing is a tool to get the job done.  But first you have to know what the job is, so you can select the correct tool!)
  • Determine content (After you know what you need to accomplish, only then can you know what to say)

I hope that you have found this article to be useful! Next week, I’ll be posting Part 3: The First Paragraph.

Gail Tycer is a strategic business communication authority: professional speaker; writer, author, editor; coach, consultant, facilitator, and strategist. More free business writing tips from Gail Tycer are available here, and information about Gail’s Business Writing workshops is available here.

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