Getting Started Quickly, Easily (Part 1): The Strategic Business Writing Blueprint

Over the next few weeks, I will talk about how to get started quickly and easily with your business writing. This week, my focus is on The Strategic Business Writing Blueprint.

Generally, a blueprint should follow these steps:

  • Identify
    • The piece (specifically).
      • Example: one-screen email
    • The reader (by name)
      • Example: Mr. John Doe
    • The writer’s action
      • Example: informing him
    • The content
      • Example: of the Compensation Committee meeting Tuesday, October 23 in Conference Room B
  • Develop a focus and strategy
    • “I am going to write a _________ to _________, _________ him/her/them _________.”
      • Example : I am going to write a one-screen email to John Doe , _informing__him of the Compensation Committee meeting Tuesday, October 23 in Conference Room B.
  • Then,
    • Plan for results
      • Example :
        • he will know about the meeting
        • he will have the date, time, location
        • he will know what the meeting is to be about, and who needs to be there
    • Decide on tone
      • Example: objective
    • Develop content
      • List the content, based on the reader’s need and use for the information, and your purpose for writing.
      • Example:
        • date
        • time
        • location
        • purpose of meeting
        • who is to be there

I hope that you’ve found the Strategic Business Writing Blueprint to be helpful! My next post will discuss why the Blueprint is useful.

Gail Tycer is a strategic business communication authority: professional speaker; writer, author, editor; coach, consultant, facilitator, and strategist. More free business writing tips from Gail Tycer are available here, and information about Gail’s Business Writing workshops is available here.

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