Let’s Declare a National “Just Because” Day

A friend and I were having lunch the other day. As we were settling comfortably into the booth, we both started talking at once – and has this ever happened to you – we were talking about the same thing!

That “thing” we were talking about was (can you guess?) everything we still had to get done before the 2017 holidays! The cards that didn’t get written, the party that hasn’t happened, the turkey soup broth waiting in the freezer (let’s see, 2017? Or was that 2016?) and the omigosh – the gifts that still need to be wrapped and mailed!

So, we agreed, there is one simple, practical answer: a National “Just Because” Day – the day we celebrate our readiness for the holiday – last year’s, or this year’s, take your choice.

This will be the day we mail our holiday cards, with party invitations enclosed. The day (or evening) we can take our time, trying to figure out how to use the machines in the post office lobby to mail those packages after the post office has closed, without holding up the holiday mailing line! The day we decide that broth will probably hold in the freezer for a while longer.

The day we take a deep breath, and realize that the point of all of this has been to let customers and prospects, friends and family know we care about them – at any time of the year, and not just at the holidays.

So any day can be our National “Just Because” Day, and we can celebrate any way we would like to, and without explanation of how busy we were (they probably were, too, and may not have noticed they did not get a card from us this year); or apology. We can contact them any time “just because,” and not need the excuse of a special holiday to keep in touch.

How about sending along a clipping on a subject you may have discussed, or that you know would interest him or her; or a birthday or congratulations card; or just a note to say hello, via postal mail. It shows greater respect and appreciation if you take the time to send a quick hand-written note.

This sort of message is far less intrusive, and less time-consuming for the reader. Added bonus: Because so few people will take the time it takes to mail with the postal service, your message carries more weight. This is not to say that these types of messages cannot also be sent electronically to keep in touch, but your “Just Because” holiday is a special time, for a special message.

Caution: Don’t overload your reader. Especially for the business reader, be appropriate and professional at all times, with all contact. It is generally not a good idea to send non-business related material to a business email address. Non-personalized “form letters” and advertising messages may be useful when appropriate, but maybe not this time.

We’d love to hear your “Just Because” Day plans. How will you kick back, recover from the holidays, and let your clients and prospects, friends and family, know you appreciate them?


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