Five Steps to Easier Spelling

These five steps will improve your spelling.

  1. Read more, making note of any word that does not seem to be spelled correctly. After you have finished your reading, check the spelling of each listed word in the dictionary. Add each correctly-spelled word to your personal “hit list” of frequently misspelled words.
  1. Obtain a package of “sticky note” pads. There will probably be about 20 sheets per pad.
  1. Using the entire pad, write each misspelled word from your “hit list” once on each page of a “sticky note” pad (about 20 pages).
  1. Post the 20 or so sticky notes for the same word everywhere – by the coffee pot, on the mirror, by the front door – where you will see that word, correctly spelled in your handwriting.
  1. Leave the sticky notes with that word up for 24-48 hours. You will not misspell that word again.


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