Tip of the Week: How to Say Thank You

The holidays are pretty much over. Have you finished writing your thank you notes?Thank You Card

The rule in our house was that you had to write your thank you note before you played with your gift. Most children had – and still would have – trouble seeing this as a humane edict.

Never mind the hours childless Aunt Jenny, who had no clue, spent shopping for just the right gift. Forget the hours Uncle Elmo stood in line to make sure that perfect gift was mailed on time. We wanted it now! All we wanted was to enjoy the results, and ignore the effort someone else had made for us.

And many children grew up with that same attitude firmly in mind. Now – can you just think how positively you could be thought of when you recognize and appreciate what someone else has done for you – in the business situation? Not only is it the right thing to do, but it defines your character in the frequently “me first” world of business.

We’re not talking here about “form” thank you letters, printed postcards, or even the thank you letter that offers an additional discount on future work purchases. These are blatant advertising, not thank you’s. Neither are we talking texts, emails, or quick phone calls – although, I must confess, I really am very happy to receive such acknowledgment and appreciation from the younger members of the family. But a  hand-written thank you note? The epitome of delight! And my favorites all do it.

But if you can’t find your note cards, better an email, a text, or that quick phone call than nothing!

If you’re really serious about expressing your appreciation in the business situation, you’ll want to send a hand-written note, with a personalized message just for your reader, through the US mail. Very few people – perhaps none – will take the time, or make the effort, to hand-write such a thank you. Stand up, stand out, and be the one who does!


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