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The job of effective business mail is (1) to get read, (2) to get results, and (3) to avoid disaster – not necessarily in that order! Let’s begin with a few ideas for avoiding disaster…

Many companies and organizations have developed their own specific email policies. First step: To avoid your own personal on-the-job disaster, learn, and abide by your organization’s email policy.

Next, remember that electronic mail carries with it the same legal implications as words on paper. This is critical. If you would not commit certain information to paper, don’t email it either. This goes equally for facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all the social media – business or personal – as well. Anything anywhere online can be universally available to anyone.

Personal, as well as company confidentiality and safety can be issues. Company online systems can provide a false sense of security. Confidentiality can never be totally guaranteed. Unexpected breaches can not only be very embarrassing for the company, but can also result in huge dollar settlements. Most of us are aware of, and careful about, the confidentiality and safety issues on the Internet; consider these same issues even within the company system. It’s not a good idea to put any confidential information online, or to share any personal information.

And did I mention:  On the job, avoid non-job-related emails, social media, or surfing on company time.

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